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The Batman Chronicles - Part 3 (of 3) - “Dawn”.
A three part short film following a young Bruce Wayne as he struggles with a corrupt justice department & faces off against a maniacal new menace hell bent on taking over Gotham.

Hi tumblr, Kef again. That’s right, it’s part 3 of 3! That means all the parts are now on Youtube! Just for ol’ times sake, I’m going to post this very handsome devil one last time:
Anthony Misiano as the Joker. No, seriously. You do not understand how handsome a devil I find this guy.

For Part 1 - "Dusk", click <here>!

For Part 2 - “Night”, click <here>!

As I’ve said before, I’m not affiliated with this project at all and am just posting it because I thought someone out there’d appreciate it!







His eyes.


What they said.

Plus, hand veins. And great boots.

1. He should always wear blue. 2. He should always wear Chelsea boots.
- clean shaven Tom in boots. What say you?

I will always vote for clean shaven Tom in boots! He’s a little scruffy in this pic… I’m OK with that…! And, those eyes, sigh…

(Source: ladyhiddles)

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